“Linn Larsen is an exceptional commercial real estate broker that possesses a level of knowledge and experience that is uncommon in the industry. With experience in nearly every line of commercial real estate, he knows how to get the most out of the assets he represents. Linn not only knows the business he also has a tremendous contact and client base. Whenever I have a question or need a resource I always think of Linn. He has an extraordinary amount of energy and he represents his clients in a very competent manner. I recommend Linn for any commercial property assignment.”

Russ Rodgers, Vice President/Retail Leasing Manager, GVA Kidder Mathews,  March 12, 2010

“Linn Larsen is the Oracle of Tacoma commercial and industrial real estate.  He knows what he is talking about and gives you a feeling of security.  He is honest, has a nice personality and, frankly, is easy to work with.  Linn was instrumental in selling several of my company’s buildings throughout Pierce County over the past 25 years.   Most of the time, I told him the price I wanted for the properties and he found the buyer.   Naturally, there was give and take in getting the deal done but I always had excellent results – good strong deals – using Larsen Industrial Realtors.  Anyone looking to rent, lease, purchase or sell industrial and commercial property in Tacoma, Pierce County should work with Linn.   I consider him among the best.”
Conrad Peterson, former President of Washington Building Company

​“Over the 20 years my investors and I have jointly owned an industrial property in Tacoma, Linn Larsen has been entirely responsible for its management since acquisition. Since we are out-of-state, semi-passive investors, we are completely dependent upon him for property and asset management. And year in and year out, Linn has done an outstanding job.

Naturally, we have been through a series of tenants over time. Linn has always found good replacement tenants and, as a result, the property has stayed full and we receive a good return on our investment. At one point, when the partnership needed to refinance the property, Larsen Industrial Realtors found the refinancing source that met all our needs. And that was not an easy task.

Finally, Linn Larsen has always been prompt in answering our requests for information and proven to be a great source of all kinds of information and resources for the Tacoma/Pierce County market.  In our situation, clearly, we needed a strong capable local partner who would ensure the property was well cared for and met our financial goals. If you have similar property needs in the Tacoma market, you would be served well by Larsen Industrial Realtors.”
Dave Jefferson, President, Burdell Properties, San Rafael, CA

“Linn’s strength is his follow-through and his attention to detail.  He is efficient about getting deals done.  He stands out above others because he continues to check with both the landlord and the tenant for months after the deal is completed.   It is this dedicated service to his clients – those looking for property and those leasing or selling properties – that makes me continue to work with Linn.   You know that when you work with Larsen Industrial Realtors, you will be getting an industrial and office realtor who will get the deal done to your satisfaction.”
John Bickley, Manager, Lakewood Industrial Park, Washington

​When you hand a real estate matter to Larsen Industrial Realtors, it is handled smoothly, competently and you can run your own business without any worries.  For example, our new property includes potential cell tower sites and Linn developed several options that met our future growth plans.  I was impressed with the creativity he used to work the cell tower into our lease agreement that created a true win-win for all parties involved.

Linn’s greatest qualities are his conscientiousness, meticulous attention to detail and his creativity.  On another commercial real estate project, we were sitting on several lots that needed to be sold or leased to another owner.  Without public exposure, he totally generated the buyer within days through his contacts and sold the property at its appraised value.  You need to understand the prior owner of these properties had tried for years to dispose of these lots. We received the true appraised value for the lots – no discounts, no options, just a good solid sale.  I highly recommend Larsen Industrial Realtors to people who want either a better facility or more space or for financial real estate investments.”
Larry Abbott, Scout Executive, CEO, Boy Scouts of America – Pacific Harbors Council  

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